You've heard realtors talk about location. Location online is everywhere, and the only reason anyone ends up at your location is content. You need to create it and make sure Google indexes it so that people will find you. You also need it so that when people find your website, there's something to read, and I'm not talking about that history page that's been the same since your first website was built. Relevant and relatively new content is what makes any website work. Thirty minutes a month is maybe all you need, but it should be at least that much time and at least once a month.

You can publish your weekly newsletter or your FAQs or your college papers about religion, but you'll want to have something new in at least one section of your website monthly. Weekly is better. Even if you want to talk about your pets or something funny your kids did. Maybe you want to post a sermon or a photo. Anything is usually better than the nothing users tend to see on church websites.

Spend an hour one day looking at what the biggest churches int he area have on their websites. Think about how you can do the same on whatever scale you need to stay sane, and then write it. Don't waste time and money playing games with Search Engine Optimization: searches will find good content, especially if others are linking to it (Facebook/Twitter).

That's it. Now, get to writing.