If you are thinking about a new or updated website for your church, school, child care, or non-profit, then go ahead and ask for a free website evaluation from Brave New Church. We work along with Luthernet to create simple website assessments that can be used with or without a web designer. If you want to take the unbiased results to your own web guy, feel free. If you want to take them to your current website administrator, then go ahead. Unlike other church website builders, we're not looking to get rich off of churches. Rather, we want to help, and our help starts out free. Yes, you can hire us to fix problems or build a new church website, but that's not always necessary. 

Check out our current list of Lutheran websites that we've evaluated. 

No fees. No obligation. Use the results to confirm how good your website is, or use them to ask for better service. Over half of the websites we look at are just fine, but there's nothing wrong with making sure.