Outcome-Based Youth Ministry wanted a website that allowed different people to see different content. We'd done this before with community add-ons, but it's also a goal to limit add-ons when possible. Since the CMS we use comes with user groups standard, we gave it a shot. The result was elegant without being too complicated. Basically, a congregation signs up to use the resources, and that congregation identifies its denomination. Gary, the owner of the website, adds the congregation to the appropriate group and sends login credentials. Then, that church logs in to see only the content meant for the specific denomination.

One aspect of the website that did require an add-on was for file downloads, but it was set up in a similar manner, meaning one denomination will only see downloads for that denomination, not the others. Or, if he decided to use all the same download materials, it's easy enough to shift the downloads so they are not denomination-specific.

Think about how a system like this could be useful at your church or school. And it can go much further, too, meaning those user groups could be given author rights if you want. It might be nice to have different access levels on your church or school website. However, it's usually not necessary. Four static pages and a blog is really all most churches need. At least until those blog posts and the cool website bring in new members. Brave New Church can always add more later, but we can also make it pretty awesome right from the start. It's up to you when you leave it up to us.