I am trying to rent my house to the right family as I write this. In order to do so, I am attempting to reach a target audience: LDS medical residents at The Medical College of Wisconsin. I know that's very specific, but we had some neighbors a few years ago who were the kind of people I'd want living in my home while I'm away, and they were also "Mormon," so I decided to write this article in order to let other LDS medical residents know about the opportunity. Further, it shows how your church website can and often should have a target audience.

I love my house and neighborhood, which is walking distance to The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center and Medical College of Wisconsin. I am Lutheran myself, but I know that I do not want to rent to four Wisconsin Lutheran College students. I'd rather have a family in my home as guests in my city, and the LDS family who lived two houses up were wonderful representatives of what I am looking for in a renter. The bonus is that not too many people tie LDS to MCW, meaning I should be able to get some hits when someone is searching for those terms together, and even more exposure if rental housing is added into the search. For your articles, you'll need to find your own niche, whether it's about footwashing at weddings or your Schuelke pipe organ. If you can find a group of people who might be interested in your content, it helps.

Now, back to my purpose. If you or someone you know is an LDS (or other responsible) family looking for a great place to rent while continuing as a resident at MCW, take a look at my article on Satisfamily about my house. It might be rented when you read this article, but the resources (and area map) I provide will be useful to anyone who wants to live near work at MRMC.