Brave New Church designs websites and consults with churches about their web presence. You can read an article about what we found at Hope Lutheran Church and School in Shawnee, Kansas at Luthernet. While we had a few suggestions for Hope Lutheran, it was obvious that the church and school have made it a point to look towards the future. The staff will be working on improving both church and school. While this might be a long-term process, it's something that can be worked on all the time. For example, articles are updated weekly on the school website, and Twitter is used to promote those updates. That's good. Because I went to the school website and it's updated a lot, I get the updates in my Google feed on my phone. Do you update your church or school website each and every week? Members and non-members will not visit your website if it's not updated, and your organization will not appear as if it's looking to the future if the website is stuck in the past.

Hope Lutheran Church has traditional LCMS (Lutheran) church services. Some of you might attend contemporary services or services somewhere in between. The type of service does not necessarily dictate whether or not a church is looking to the future, but your church will have to consider whether or not it plays a role. People who are accustomed to Smart Phones and screens might be intimidated (or bored) by Hymnals and paper, but screens and PowerPoints can turn others off. In fact, traditional church service might be a nice break from our short attention span lives. Each congregation needs to decide which type of service appeals to its members, and making changes is not as easy as adding a large television up front or having CCM songs played over the sound system. If you just want to make your church appear more modern in some way, get a new website and then ASK members what they want in their church service experience. Think about it this way: if you had a house that needed a new look, it's a lot easier to paint the trim on the outside than do a full interior remodel, especially since you can repaint the trim in a few years if need be, but once you choose granite counters, brushed steel fittings, and white doors inside, you'd better be sure that's what you really wanted.

At Brave New Church, we can't help you decide how to handle all of your church decisions, but we can help you create a modern, mobile-friendly website that can grow with your new church vision. The website can shine a light on all the great things you ALREADY do, but it won't dictate how you adjust in the future. Hope Lutheran in Shawnee, KS, has realized the potential of using a website to promote itself as a great option for church or school in Johnson County by using websites and relevant content. Our recommendation for your church or school would be the same. Our recommendation for your next website builder would be Brave New Church.