These are ministries that are associated with Brave New Church in some way, mostly because we built the websites as Luthernet.

Grace Lutheran Church - Jacksonville, FL

Grace Lutheran School - Jacksonville, FL

Grace Lutheran Church - Elkhart Lake, WI

A beautiful church in a picturesque small town in Wisconsin. LCMS Lutheran.

Lutheran Radio Church Service

Weekly half-hour church services available on the radio and online. Great for shut-ins, nursing homes, travelers, and deployed military.

Luthernet Web Design

Web design for Lutheran churches and technically the same company as Brave New Church. Our website design niche is just more targeted at Luthernet.

Outcome-Based Youth Ministry

A wonderful youth ministry program.

Passive Ninja Web Design

Website design for businesses and other for-profit websites, created by someone with morals and ethics.

My wife worked for our church for eight years. In that time, we were rewarded with a wonderful, caring community. While her work was appreciated, she was often frustrated with the speed at which she could accomplish her tasks. When I built her a website, she was able to do more. I learned from that experience what church workers need in a website: simplicity. She added articles and hit the save button. I made sure all other aspects were updated.

While our church eventually went with an overpriced "professional" designer and then with a self-designed attempt at redemption, the fact is that they have yet to achieve the simplicity that was part of a website built many years ago. The good news is that the systems have gotten even easier to use, so the new sites we build can be updated right from the page, whether it's a single page or a blog with many pages. Login, hit "add," write, and save. It's as simple as a Facebook post.

Our goal is to build as many church websites as possible as quickly as we can. That's the only way our business plan works. We will not take months to develop a website. We build it based on what was on the old website, add anything necessary to make it better, and then finish it in less than a week. For example, the website you are looking at right now took two days. Does it look better than your current church website? Maybe you can think of some ways to reach out to your church members or church seekers with a website that looks good on all devices and is easy to manage. You focus on the content that will make your website a destination. We'll focus on making it look good.

As a former teacher, I pride myself on finding simple ways to deal with complex issues. Web design is complex, but I have developed a system that works because I know what you need. If you go to a web developer that builds websites for large corporations, they'll expect you to have a staff that only deals with the website. If you go to Cousin Larry from Akron, he'll get back to you in a few months. If you try to build it all yourself using the cheap online tools available, you'll be looking us up in a year or so, after you try to train the staff in something no one should have to learn. However, if you want to go elsewhere, maybe with a volunteer, at least read my book on building websites for churches:

A custom site requires custom pricing. However, we can give you ballpark figures based on experience. For example, if you currently have a very basic site with around five pages, and you just want a nice map, contact page, and article blog added, that's around $500. If you have a few dozen pages and pdfs or images to export, we're looking at around $1000. If you want some of the custom images, like on our main page, it might get closer to $1500.

Go ahead and call a big-city custom-design boutique to get a quote. The site you're looking at right now would take a team several months to create and cost you thousands of dollars. Or, if you like, buy into a create-it-yourself version for less, but you will soon realize that web design is not for everyone. Using a freelance web design company, based in the United States, is an economical solution, but it's also the right way of running your business. You have control of the site and content, and you can limit your expenses or upgrade at any time.

Our prices for hosting your site are either $9.99 a month ($100 a year) or $14.99 a month ($150 a year). This depends on if you want us to just manage a website or also manage a user database and email list.

But that's really all there is. We run the updates for our sites under management. You simply add content and edit what you have on the frontend. That means logging in and writing, then clicking a "save" button.

The process is fairly simple, too. You pay for the year or just the first month of hosting (recurring bill), then we get building. When it's done, we send the full bill for the site build, which would have been agreed upon earlier. No hidden fees or extra charges.