This website evaluation is for Grace United Methodist Church of Coal Center, PA, at


Grace's website is built using E-zekiel. This particular template is older and therefore not mobile-friendly. It's kind of cute to look like Google, but the website is simply not functioning as well as it once did.


This website is not mobile-friendly, which means that even if it looks a bit like Google, the search engine is ranking it lower because people cannot access it well on mobile devices. Here's a link to the test. Google says the viewport is not set, clickable elements are too close together, and the text is too small to read.

Other Concerns

There should be a News or Updates section, and those articles should be archived so that search engines continue to index important information, even if it's just about what happened at the 2014 Vacation Bible School. Google cares, and people who are looking for a church home care, about past events.

Most of the linked pages look like Microsoft Word creations. Maybe something from a free website circa 2005: text of all sizes and colors with images strewn about. It just looks like fliers put on the internet.

The use of the interactive map and calendar is a good start, though I'd usually embed the calendar--and I don't think it's mobile-friendly, either. If you are part of this or another church that is sick of paying $20 or $30 a month for a website that isn't even mobile-friendly, then it might be time for Brave New Church to take over.