We've seen it all the time: a decent church website that has nothing on it. Or a really outdated website, again, with nothing on it. Nothing new, at least. Yes, there's often several menu items that are empty, and there are some that have a single, static article. What Google sees is nothing new. Worse, people who are looking for a church to call their home also see nothing going on.

Yes, people can find you on Facebook with the little link on your website, but do most people bother? If they do, are the articles indexed on Facebook in a way that helps them find what they're looking for? No, Facebook is not the answer to your website needs. It's a tool to get folks to your website.

What if you could have a full-service website built or maintained by a company that knows what it takes to get real people to get to your website the right way? We're not talking about faking out Google with SEO, even if it's used to some degree. We're talking about putting real content on the website. The same content you already write. The content that will get others to show up for service.

You could do this yourself. Many churches do, but it's a few extra steps, and these are steps not everyone wants to do, which is obvious if you look at many church websites. There's no substitute for real, new content on a website. Not email blasts or newsletters, even if some marketing company has sold you on that idea. Just being there and looking nice is also not a substitute. If you have someone willing to add content sent to them for free, hire that person. If not, then hire us.

We're starting this service out at $100 a month. Whether we build your new website or just take over updating your current website, that's our fee for adding everything you send us as searchable articles. Every email announcement or newsletter article. Five or one-hundred. If this model does not work because of time, then we'll adjust. And we can't really do bulk photos or large archives from years past. But if you're not putting anything on your website now (but are creating anything at all), $100 a month is a deal compared to doing nothing.