If you use any of these images, please give us credit and click on an ad link below. Many photos on this page were taken hastily, but the fact that you found them means your church website might need more photos indexed. We can help. Photo sessions can be arranged.

At Brave New Church, we realize that photos of your church will help visitors to your website see the building and the people that make up your congregation. We use photos in order to elicit emotion when we build websites, often creating a visual metaphor. Your church building can be beautiful or powerful or welcoming, depending on the photos and words selected. Mostly, however, it's a short tour of what seekers can expect.

One service we provide at Brave New Church is instant indexing with Google of your website, including photos. Actually, Google takes its time when indexing photos, but they will get there eventually. Since our main goal at Brave New Church is to help churches, we will be adding photos of churches we have taken. These can be used by you on your own website, even if you never hire us at all.


We will begin this process with some of the church photos we have on file, meaning mostly churches from Europe and Southeastern Wisconsin. This article will include photos from Europe, taken in 1999 using 35mm slides. Converting slides is another service we can offer.