If you use any of these images, please give us credit and click on an ad link below. Many photos on this page were taken hastily, but the fact that you found them means your church website might need more photos indexed. We can help. Photo sessions can be arranged.

The following photos are of the Cranium Chromebook Case (cover, protector, hard case, fitted case, exact-fit case, etc.), taken in order to create promotional photos for the product. However, churches can see the value in using similar techniques. Take quality photos of your church, by all means. The use of people in some of those photos can be beneficial. Like the photos of my kids holding the Chromebook covers in various cities, you can also take your church on the road with the use of t-shirts or hats. No, people don't have to wear them all over the country, but they can wear them when helping out in the community. For example, if your church helps out at a house on Johnson Street or in the Hillside Acres part of town, take a photo of members in their Our Church shirts. Then you can mention Our Church in Hillside Acres, effectively spreading the church's location. It works.

Here we have a Chromebook with a cover in Lenexa, KS; Memphis, TN; somewhere in Alabama; and Jacksonville, FL.

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